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“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort” - Paul J. Meyer 
Yesterday I met someone at a networking meeting and when they told me that they had spent most of the day on Facebook I couldn’t help the look of shock on my face. 
Trying not to be judgemental, I asked if this was something they had set out to do. They confessed that they had totally become distracted. 
It is easily done. You sit down to do some work and the phone rings. It’s a number you don’t recognise. Do you let it go onto voicemail or do you answer it? You might think there is no harm in answering it, right? 
The research shows that every time you get distracted it takes about 23 minutes for your brain to re-focus. The problem is little distractions can start to stack up the total number of minutes wasted by the end of the day. 
To achieve greater focus try using the following 5 Strategies. 
1. Connect with the your ‘Why’ 
There are always going to be tasks that you find boring or don’t excite you. This can easily lead you to putting off the task and becoming distracted. The trick is to find a way of connecting the task to your big ‘Why’ and remembering the bigger picture. Making that call to a prospect may feel daunting. Remembering that securing this client could lead to a contract and open up doors to other similar clients is likely to pump up your motivation and getting the task completed. 
2. Take Energising Breaks 
After 60 to 90 minutes of working on a task, take a 5 minute energy boosting break. The key here is to focus on doing something completely different. Take the opportunity to move your body and get some fresh air if possible. Being outside has lots of additional health benefits. Listen to your favourite song, breathe deeply for 5 minutes, go for a walk, stretch etc. 
3. Limit Social Media and Email Access 
Your emails, Facebook, Linked In and Twitter are all too tempting to look at all day long and yet very distracting. Set specific times during the day when you allow yourself to check your accounts and limit the time you spend on each. This discipline will minimise distractions and leave you with more time to tackle the more important tasks. 
4. Prioritise your Daily Big Three 
To avoid that overwhelming feeling of having too many things on your to do list, limit yourself to 3 big tasks that you will commit to completing daily. Focus on one task at a time rather than multi-tasking. You might think you are being productive, but you really aren’t giving 100% attention to the task in front of you. This means you are unlikely to be producing your best work, being creative or coming up with the best solutions. 
5. Record and Review your Progress 
Keep a written record of the progress you make against your daily big three which will give you clues and insights into any habits that may be keeping you unproductive. Do a weekly review of your actions and progress you have made. You will start to recognise patterns and then you can take positive steps to address them. 
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