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Happy New Year dear friends! It’s definitely that time of the year when people start to talk about resolutions and goals for the New Year. 
Happy New Intention 2016 
Do you want to ‘Do’ or ‘Be’ More in 2016? 
During a break at a training workshop I was delivering this week, out came the chocolate biscuits and people started talking about what resolutions they had made for the New Year. Most of them related to food, chocolate, alcohol and exercise, all the things I enjoy in moderation of course! 
Resolutions usually mean ‘doing something different’ – either doing less of, more of, stopping or starting something. When I reflected on how I would like to remember 2016, I decided that I wanted to focus on ‘being something different’. My overall intention is to have more fun this year, so that I can feel more joyful. 
Dr Joe Dispenza’s research shows that how you ‘think, act and feel’ creates your ‘state of being’. In my case it would be creating a state of being where I feel more joyful. Your state of being creates your ‘personality’ which defines who you are being and how you are showing up on a moment to moment basis in all areas of your life. Your personality then creates your ‘personal reality’ which is how you would explain what you are experiencing and feeling at that present moment in time. 
Choose Your Word for 2016 
So if your intention is to feel more happy, it makes sense for you to pay more attention to your thoughts, because they will lead you to act in a certain way which will create an experience which will result in you feeling a particular way. Listed below are a few words that may describe how you want to feel or feel more of in 2016. 
Take some time to reflect on the word or words that most resonates with your heart, the state of being you want to create for yourself and the personal reality you want to experience. If you choose more than one word, then prioritise the one you want to focus on first. 
Once you have chosen your word, think about what thoughts will inspire you to take the required actions so that your experiences can generate the desired feeling based on the word you have chosen. 
Research shows that 95% of our thoughts are subconscious which means that we are not even aware that they are running in the background and influencing how we are thinking, acting and feeling. The challenge is to remain conscious of the thoughts you are having so that you don’t go back to operating on autopilot. Changing your state of being requires practice and I’ll be sharing more on this with you in future blogs. 
Let me know what word you have chosen and the state of being you will be focusing on in 2016. Please leave a comment in the box below. Wishing you all an awesome 2016. 
With appreciation and gratitude. 
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