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The most important factor that will determine what makes you 'good' and what makes you 'excel' is your mindset. This was the key message from Sally Gunnell who spoke at the This Girl Can event I attended at Derbyshire cricket ground in April 2017. 
Mindset is the one thing that will determine whether you succeed in your professional or personal life. If you are serious about succeeding in any area of your life, you must learn to master your mindset. The gap between being good and excelling at what you do consists of many facets. The following 5 factors were key aspects of Sally’s talk. 
1.0 Setting Goals 
Knowing what you want to achieve is important. Goal setting was a big part of my job role when I worked as a senior manager. Now that I’m self-employed I really value the importance of setting my own goals for my business and personal life. 
Having clear goals helps you to focus your time, effort and energy on a day to day basis. Having goals doesn’t mean you won’t face setbacks. There will be occasions when you must dig deep, replace the negative self- talk and exercise courage. Setting big scary goals is important if you want to be stretched outside your comfort zone. 
2.0 Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone 
When you stay in your comfort zone it is familiar and it feels safe even though you may not be satisfied or happy. It is often said in business it is important ‘to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable’. 
Often it is the fear of the unknown that keeps you stuck and small because your comfort zone will limit your growth. 
The key is to keep taking those small steps to expand your comfort zone and give it a go despite how you feel inside. Sometimes emotions such as fear, insecurity, self doubt and anxiety can keep you stuck in your comfort zone. Even though it doesn’t feel great, it feels familiar. 
The reality is if you let these feelings get the better of you, you won’t take the required action because you won’t feel like doing it. Eventually it becomes a habit which means that your body becomes biologically and chemically programmed. Hence moving outside your comfort zone can be challenging. 
3.0 Building Resilience 
Every successful person will tell you, they too have experienced many setbacks before they arrived at their given destination. I too have faced my fair share and I’m sure I will face many more going forward. The key is learning how to build your resilience. Most people if asked what resilience means to them, they are likely to say it’s your ability to bounce back after a challenging situation, your ability to cope and manage your emotions. 
How are you going to respond when you get blown off course, get told that you are not good enough whether that is your own inner voice speaking to you or someone else. How many times are you prepared to keep getting back up no matter how hard it gets? 
Your resilience will impact on your well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Resilience really is a key personal performance indicator of how successfully you will achieve your professional and personal goals. 
4.0 Passion 
When you are passionate about your calling, your services and your products, no matter what setbacks you face, you are more likely to keep going. When you have those dark nights of the soul and you start to question whether it’s all worth it, listen to your heart. If you are truly passionate about your goals, your purpose and vision will always find a way of course correcting, you will see failures as learning opportunities and find the motivation to keep going. 
5.0 Dream Team 
In order to achieve your goals, you will need the support of trusted friends, experts and family. Surrounding yourself with a strong network of supporters is important. Being able to hear a different perspective, the truth about what you are not doing well and expert advice on how you can do things better will go a long way towards moving you forward. The truth is you are going to reach your goals much faster with the help of others than on your own. 
Over To You 
Some of you may have read about or heard experts speak about the 5 areas listed above already. Be honest with yourself and reflect on which of the 5 areas do you believe you need to pay more attention to? What small steps can you take to close your gap? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. Post below. 
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