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Just as a lily pad in a pond will rise and fall on the wave produced by a pebble dropped in that pond, so acts of kindness will raise the spirits of people we might never know.” - David R. Hamilton PhD 
Acts of Kindness 
Last week I had one of my best friends stay over with me for a week. She was in need of some “TLC” (tender loving care) so I invited her to spend some time with me. 
Unfortunately I had some work commitments already booked into my diary, so I gave her the key to my house so she could do as she pleased when I wasn’t there. 
After packing away my weekly shop on Sunday, I opened my bag draw where I usually stuff my plastic bags. The draw is so packed I usually have to close the door very quickly to stop them all falling out. 
Much to my surprise my friend had neatly folded every single bag and placed them all into one big shopping bag. I was so touched that she had gone out of her way to do this for me. It was such a thoughtful act of kindness. It really made me feel warm and grateful inside.