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Your Mind At Work supports organisational change by developing individuals, teams and organisations. By understanding the ‘self’, you can improve performance and effectiveness. We share the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience with you to help you develop an emotionally intelligent, resilient, creative and fully engaged workforce. By creating lasting changes in habits and behaviours, you can deliver winning results. 
How effective are you in creating the results you want? In any company, your people are your greatest asset. How your people use their minds on a day-to-day basis is vital to the success of your organisation. The human mind needs to be utilised and yet most of us know very little about this incredible asset. 
Your Mind At Work helps to deliver organisational change by: 
Enabling your people to increase performance and become more creative. 
Helping you to secure more clients, resulting in an increase in profits. 
Developing managers to lead and motivate their teams, leading to better partnerships and helping them to achieve business goals and objectives. 
When it comes to organisational change, the way in which people implement change is down to how they manage and engage their teams. Businesses need to continually change and adapt to remain current and relevant. In order to develop a competitive edge and grow, your people may need to be more productive, create more ideas to deliver services and products, or deliver more value for money. 
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To achieve organisational change and to meet your business objectives, you may benefit from our consultancy services. Tailored to suit the needs of every client we work with, we can help you to meet personal and business goals by helping you to understand the habits, behaviours, emotions, beliefs, perceptions and attitudes that either support you or slow you down. 
Assessment: To assess how best our services can provide solutions to match your needs, we will complete a pre-assessment. A post-assessment will be completed after our services have been delivered to ensure you have the results you require. 
Planning: We will identify your training and coaching needs, and agree a time frame to deliver and embed a change programme focused on outcomes. 
Training: We will provide you with a tailor-made results-based training 
Coaching: We offer individual coaching to address any challenges which have arisen through our training programme. 
To find out more about our consultancy services, please Get In Touch or email: info@your-mind-at-work.com