Daksha Patel 
Mobile: (+44) 0781 579 3597 
Email: info@your-mind-at-work.com 



Would you like to achieve your goals and big results? Do you dream of being more time-efficient? Are you interested in developing your influence and impact on others? 
Your Mind At Work provides coaching for performance and personal effectiveness. Coaching is a tool to support and enable you to become better than you already are. When you have a sense of purpose, you will feel happier and more balanced in life. This leads to more positive connections with people, whether it’s in your personal life or within your organisation. 
Coaching for performance will enable you to: 
Gain more energy to get through the day; you will leave our sessions feeling renewed and inspired. 
Get perspective on what you want from life, and what you’re struggling with. 
Gain self-awareness by understanding your inner-thoughts, habits, emotions, limiting beliefs and behaviours, and learn how these are hindering you from making positive changes in your life. 
Get support – remember; all great people have coaches, whether you’re a CEO or a sports star. 
Your Mind At Work will give you a crystal clear vision for your ‘ultimate success’. We will help you find out who you are and who you want to become, and give you the tools to make this happen. By gaining a clearer understanding of your thoughts, and how these play out in your day-to-day actions, you will understand the decisions you make in your life and in the workplace. 
Coaching is a very personal learning experience built on a relationship based upon trust, integrity, honesty and confidentiality within a safe environment. No matter what you would like to change or achieve in your life, the secret to success is the same. 
If you would like to find out whether coaching for performance is right for you, please call me on 07815 793597 for an ‘exploratory coaching experience’ or Get In Touch.