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Do you consider yourself to be an effective Leader or Manager? Would you like to develop your team by fulfilling their potential? Your Mind At Work provides leadership skills and team training. To be successful in the workplace and in life you have to be personally effective. 
Personal effectiveness is achieved when a number of skills and factors are brought together to deliver a desired set of outcomes. Whether you are a manager, team leader or a member of a team, by developing your skills, you will become successful, competent and confident at what you do. 
Your Mind At Work offers a range of leadership skills and team training courses to develop techniques to build personal impact, resilience and emotional intelligence. These skills will help you to lead, manage, influence and deliver effective communications when dealing with people and your organisation. 
We cover the following areas: 
Leadership skills; understanding personal impact and style 
Managing and developing personal and team performance 
Problem solving and influencing skills 
Managing time and priority setting 
Communication skills 
Our training courses can be tailored to suit your needs – for more information, please Get In Touch.