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This workshop is designed for organisations and businesses who recognise their most precious resource is their people and that understanding ‘the self’ is key to improving personal effectiveness. If you are committed to building an emotionally intelligent, resilient, creative and fully engaged workforce, then this workshop offers powerful insights and a Model for Change based on the most innovative breakthroughs in neuroscience. 
The workshop explains the neuroscience of managing and navigating behavioural change effectively, by utilising new discoveries in “how the brain works” and applies these findings to how individual behaviours can be more aligned to organisational change initiatives, strategies, vision and personal objectives. There is a true science to “changing your mind” and once you understand the “why,” the “how” comes naturally. 


These workshops are aimed at anyone who is involved in the management of change, managing performance and managing people. They will be of particular use to those charged with planning and implementing organisational change but will also be of benefit to individuals and teams who are about to, or currently, undergoing change. 


By completing this programme participants will: 
Understand how the body and brain responds to change and how to manage these 
Have a structured Model for Change for creating new thoughts and behaviours leading to new results 
Know how to identify and support lasting changes to thinking and behaviour 
Have a toolkit of change management tools and techniques 
Know how to shift from living in stress to living in creation 
Understand how to develop and create new ideas 
Be more efficient, robust and resilient 
Be able to work with and get the best from others 
Work more collaboratively and effectively as a team 
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"Our mission is to bring the neuroscience of personal change to individuals all over the globe through a network of certified NeuroChangeSolutions consultants working with organizations, corporations, businesses, schools, nonprofits, and government agencies" - Dr Joe Dispenza